Canoe Niagara is pleased to be advertising the following services for boat rentals and boat transportation to the 2013 ICF Junior and Under 23 World Championships.  For boat rental and shipping pricing information and reservations please contact the manufacturers directly.  All transactions and arrangements including payment terms are made between the National Federations and the manufacturers; Canoe Niagara is not liable for these transactions.  

Boat Rentals


In partnership with Canoe Niagara, NELO will be making boats available in Welland for 
countries requiring rental boats to use during the competition.  Countries interested in 
renting boats can contact Nelo directly for pricing and ordering information. A maximum contingent of 14 boats is available for rent to each country.This contingent includes:  4 K1’s, 3 K2’s, 3 C1’s, 2 C2’s and 2 K4’s.  

Phone:   351.22.9272608 or 351.22.9280924


Plastex has joined with Canoe Niagara as an Official Boat Supplier.  The deadline has now passed to make rental orders with Plastex. For delievery information and to coordinate payment and boat pick up in Welland, please contact Plastex directly. 

Phone:   48.500.015203 

Boat Transportation


Boat transportation from Europe to Welland can be arranged through Prowave, an experienced service provider to many National Federations. All boats going to Welland will be collected at one of the following points:

  • May 19, Racicze CZE ICF World Cup #2
  • June 2, Poznan POL ICF World Cup #3
  • June 8, Bochum GER Bochum Junior Regatta
  • Prior to June 15, Kassel GER Prowave warehouse

The Prowave team will prepare the boats for loading with special construction inside the containers for safe transport. Prowave will provide the same service in Welland for unloading and for the return trip along with custom clearance and transportation insurance. Upon returning to Europe, the boats will be available for pickup after September 5, 2013 in Kassel, Germany.

Safe storage for the boats will be offered free of charge in Kassel until they are picked up by the
federations. Prices for this service are as follows: (discount rates will be dependent on the number of boats transported)

Transport of accessories such as bicycles, paddles, etc. can be arranged upon request.
Please contact Stefan Bretthauer for more information and to make your reservation, the
deadline to take advantage of this service is April 1, 2013. For pricing and further information, please contact Prowave directly via the coordinates below:

Jahnsstraße 56
34123 Kassel
Fon/Fax: + 49 561 56010350
Mobil: +49 177 8750202