General Athlete Information

Athlete Eligibility

The eligibility requirements for competitors to compete in the 2013 ICF Junior and Under 23 Canoe Sprint World Championships are based on rule 3.6 in the current edition of the ICF Rulebook: 

“The first year a competitor can compete in a junior category is the year that his/her 15th birthday falls in the last year he/she can compete as a junior is the year that his/her 18th birthday falls in. The last year he/she can compete in Under 23 category is the year that his/her 23th birthday falls in”.

Each competitor will be required to provide proof of age (passport) before obtaining accreditation.

Canadian Visa and Customs Guidelines

All visitors to Canada require a visa except citizens of countries where an exemption has been granted. Please visit the following website to obtain visa requirement information about your specific country: Please ensure that you apply early.

Note: Canadian Visas are not available at the border or airport upon entry to Canada, they must be obtained before travel to Canada.

In addition, please refer to this link for application processing times per country:

In correspondence with the International Events and Convention Services Program (IECSP) we encourage that all international visitors adhere to the established guidelines for prohibited, restricted, and controlled goods. For further clarification on which substances international travellers are able to bring to Canada, visit the following website:

This extensive document provides guidelines and restrictions on goods including meats, produce, currency, alcohol and tobacco.

Pre-Worlds Acclimatization Camps

Welland has 1.3 million sq. meters of Flatwater for training. We welcome you to come early to take advantage of our waterway. Individuals or teams wishing to arrive early to train and acclimatize before the 2013 World Championships, can contact the staff at Canoe Niagara 2013. The Welland International Flatwater Centre is able to host visiting athletes as early as they wish to arrive and very reasonable rates are available.

Medical Centre

Arrangements have been made for an on-site medical facility for minor emergency medical treatment of athletes, participants and technical officials. Specialists will be on call for major emergencies and there are large hospitals within close proximity.

Medical Insurance

Canoe Niagara 2013  asks that all participants of the World Championships take out a medical policy in their respective country, All costs above the regular first aid, ambulance and physiotherapeutic services are to be covered by this medical insurance policy. Canoe Niagara 2013 will not cover any expenses in connection with hospital, dental or other medical treatment.