Volunteer Registration

Thank you for your interest in volunteering at the 2013 ICF Junior and Under 23 Canoe Sprint World Championships. The event will be held on August 1st-4th, 2013 on the Welland International Flatwater Centre North Course! Canoe Niagara will be the first Canoe Sprint World Championships to combine both Junior and Under 23 age categories into one large event, setting a standard for future organizations to match! Canoe Niagara is also the qualifier for the 2014 Youth Olympics, taking place in Nanjing, China.

As part of our event, you will be welcoming approximately 1600 athletes, officials, coaches
and team staff in addition to visiting supporters, friends and families from around the World
to the City of Welland. To be considered for a volunteer position, please complete and submit an application form.


July 1 – Pre-Competition training begins for teams arriving early
July 26 – WIFC becomes fully operational for Canoe Niagara
July 29-31 – Official Practice begins
July 31 – Opening Ceremonies
August 1 – Competition begins
August 4 – Last day of competition & Closing Ceremonies

The 2013 ICF Junior and Under 23 Canoe Sprint World Championships  will be looking for volunteers for the following positions:


  • Assist staff with processing accreditation for athletes, officials, VIPs, and volunteers
  • Set-up for registration and accreditation (assembling registration packages, wrapping gifts, cutting, laminating, preparing accreditation tags, etc.)
  • Assist with volunteer accreditation during volunteer orientation and test events.

*A second language would be an asset. Excellent computer skills are a must.


  • Supervise selected athletes for anti-doping procedures. Training will be provided on-site by CCES Doping Control Officer
  • Previous experience as a doping control chaperone is preferred

Athlete Services/Security

  • Manage inquiries and requirements of teams effectively during training and competition days
  • Ensure that athlete lounges, changing rooms and warm-up areas are clean and appropriately stocked e.g. with water, ice, etc
  • Ensure security levels and access points are enforced in the athlete tent area and athlete lounges.
  • Must have excellent communications and interpersonal skills

*Special Requirements: Asset to be fluent in multiple languages

Boat Control

  • Boat control helpers will be under the direction of the Chief Boat Control Official.
  • Tasks will include lifting, moving, and drying of boats, handing water to athletes, maintaining a clean and organized Boat Control area, and other tasks as requested by the Chief Official


  • Support the contracted catering company and ensure effective control of all catering services.
  • Assist with maintaining the cleanliness and quality control all venue lounges, such as athletes, officials, and VIP’s.
  • Previous experience with food preparation and servicing is required


  • Support overall ceremonies plan in the areas of logistics, program and presenters.
  • Prepare for ceremonies and presentations, including medals, podium and flowers.
  • Duties also include providing updates to sport announcers and servicing of athletes and dignitaries while they are in the holding area before ceremonies.
  • Experience with medal, award ceremonies or protocol would be considered an asset.

Festival and Merchandise

  • Assist with organizing and selling of Canoe Niagara merchandise to the general public.
  • Responsibilities could include: completion of debit/credit/cash sale, assisting fans and athletes with sizing or ordering, managing inventory levels, maintaining record of all sales and other areas as assigned.
  • Assist festival kiosks and be the main liaison with Canoe Niagara
  • Provide general information to spectators regarding the festival and competition

International Federation Services

  • Meet and greet International Canoe Federation (ICF) Secretary General and ICF staff on arrival to venue and direct them to the appropriate locations
  • Ensure that ICF office and lounge are clean and appropriately stocked
  • Ensure ICF requirements are being met and their delivery of tasks as requested Logistics
  • Physical set-up and tear-down of the venue throughout the event, moving various deliverables, assisting in medal ceremonies (set-up of podium). (Skills: some heavy lifting involved).
  • Installation, maintenance and tear-down of all rooms and signage in back of house area and front of house area as required.
  • Works with other teams to assist with their functions (replenishes water for catering, receives deliveries, etc.)


  • Physical set-up and tear-down of the venue throughout the event, moving various deliverables, assisting in medal ceremonies (set-up of podium). (Skills: some heavy lifting involved).
  • Installation, maintenance and tear-down of all rooms and signage in back of house area and front of house area as required.
  • Works with other teams to assist with their functions (replenishes water for catering, receives deliveries, etc.)


  • Provide all accredited individuals (including volunteers) with medical attention always giving priority to athletes preparing to compete.

Operations & Volunteer Services

  • Support the operations staff on general event operation duties.
  • Oversee inventory control system – cell phone and radio sign-in/sign-out lists
  • Produce daily schedule for distribution among operations staff
  • Manage distribution of office supplies and other supplies as needed.
  • Management of volunteer schedules, distribution of volunteer meal tickets and the general welfare of all volunteers on-site.
  • Computer skills are essential in word and excel


  • Print various documents (starting orders, time sheets, results, communiqués and daily schedules) and distribute according to distribution list.
  • Work with Sport Information Desk and Transportation to post and deliver communiqués, daily schedules and results to various points of communication in the venue and hotels.

Social functions

  • Assist in the set-up and delivery of various off-site social functions. Some duties include: greeters,hosts/hostesses, and ticket takers.
  • General maintenance and hosting of the VIP lounge at the venue. Volunteers interested in this position must be over the age of 19 with experience in the hospitality of food and beverage industry is considered an asset.

Sport Information/Transportation Booth

  • Provide information, such as venue details, accommodations, accreditation, transportation, ceremonies and local information to Team Leaders at either the venue or at the Sport Information Desk at the various hotels
  • Distribution of Information including the following: start lists, results, rules, competition information, timetables, and weather forecasts
  • Communicate all relevant messages to all teams and maintenance of notice boards
  • Volunteers should be quick thinking and resourceful with excellent interpersonal skills and knowledge of the surrounding area including shopping, restaurants, medical facilities, etc.


  • Coordinate pick up and drop off participants at airport
  • Monitor shuttle bus service via radio contact with shuttle drivers
  • Field telephone calls (via dispatch phone – provided on site)
  • Post/deliver results and information to various sport information/transportation desks
  • Assist event participants with ‘urgent’ transportation request and requirements

Airport Services

  • Assist with airport arrivals and departures of athletes, officials, VIPs and family members. As well as transportation to and from the venue
  • Assist travellers with the retrieval and collection of lost luggage

*Special Requirements:Volunteers will be positioned at an information booth located in the arrivals area of Terminals 1 and 3 and at arrival gates for each flight.

Shuttle Driver

  • Drivers will be responsible for transportation between the venue, hotels, social functions and other locations as assigned
  • Drivers should have a full G license, a clean driving record, and have excellent knowledge of the Niagara Region

Water Safety Drivers

  • Responsible for operation of on-water safety boats during the competition. All volunteers must hold their up to date boat driving license
  • Previous experience operating a motorboat during a regatta or canoe-kayak event would be considered an asset

*Special Requirements: Must hold boater’s license.

Water Safety Rescuers

  • Responsible for ensuring the general safety of all on-water athletes throughout the competition. Will be paired with a Boat Driver to ensure rapid response in case of emergency. Specific training for canoe-kayak rules and policies will be held prior to the event.

*Special Requirements:Must be certified – First-aid, lifeguard qualifications

Additional Volunteer Information

Management Team

The Canoe Niagara Organization is under the direction of a Steering Committee which oversees the administration and delivery of the event by staff including Managers, Coordinators, and volunteer support. The Canoe Niagara Operational Plan, approved by the International Canoe Federation (ICF) and CanoeKayak Canada (CKC) and adopted by the Canoe Niagara Steering Committee, is the guiding document that directs and mandates the activities and approach used by Canoe Niagara management and staff in delivering the World Championships.

Volunteer Needs

To support and deliver a World class event that will be the pride of both the Canadian canoeing community and the City of Welland, Canoe Niagara will recruit up to 250 volunteers.

Volunteer Application

All applicants will be notified of their application status no later than June 3, 2013. Selection will be based on several factors: available positions, background/experience, and time availability. Each successful applicant will be notified of their position assignment(s) via email. Once assigned to a specific area, a coordinator will contact the volunteer to discuss further details of scheduling and job function. Please note: completion of the online application does not guarantee a volunteer position at Canoe Niagara. Volunteer applicants will be asked to agree to a security and/or criminal records screening. Volunteers selected will also be required to attend either a training session or one of our designated ‘test events’ prior to the competition. Test events will take place on weekends during June and July including the 2013 CKC National Team Trials 2. More information on the test events and volunteer training will be available on the Canoe Niagara website on the volunteer page at a later date.

Age Requirements and Opportunities

Volunteers must be a minimum of 18 years of age or older at the time of application. Exceptions are made for medal and flower bearers, runners, timers and opening ceremony participants and other roles at the discretion of the Organizing Committee. See the online application form for specific age requirements.

General Competencies, Qualities and Expectations of a Volunteer

Volunteering at a World Championship event is an exciting opportunity, which also brings a responsibility to execute your volunteer role to the best of your ability as a representative of Canoe Niagara. There are a variety of skill sets that will be required of our volunteers which can include:

  • Ability to create a welcoming environment for competitors, team personnel, and spectators
  • Excellent oral communication and interpersonal skills
  • Ability to work as part of a team in a professional and courteous manner
  • Background in canoe/kayak and knowledge of the sport
  • Advanced Computer application skills – Microsoft Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint
  • Strong organizational skills and the ability to handle multiple projects simultaneously
  • Ability to handle sensitive information in a professional and confidential manner
  • Ability to work in a fast pace and high energy environment
  • Language skills – ability to work in English and French and additional languages are an asset
  • Certain positions will require an ability to handle a degree of manual labor

Volunteer Benefits

A Volunteer Tier System has been created to reward individuals according to their time commitment to the event and the level of expertise and responsibility required of their position. Please review the following four volunteer categories which outline our volunteer rewarding and recognition.

Tier 1 Volunteer

This category requires volunteering 5 or more consecutive days for a minimum of 6 hours
on each day. In return the volunteer will receive:

  • 1 event bag
  • 4 event t-shirts
  • 1 rain jacket
  • 1 hat
  • 5 nights paid accommodations
  • All meals will be covered during the 5 consecutive days worked.

Tier 2 Volunteer

This category requires volunteering 3-4 days for a minimum of 6 hours on each day. In return the volunteer will receive:

  • 1 event bag
  • 2 event t-shirts
  • 1 rain jacket
  • 1 hat
  • All meals will be covered during the shift times that are worked

Tier 3 Volunteer

This category requires volunteering 2 days for the minimum of 6 hours on each day. In return the volunteer will receive:

  • 1 event t-shirts
  • 1 rain jacket
  • 1 hat
  • All meals will be covered during the shift times that are worked.

Tier 4 Volunteer

This volunteer category requests that a person is able to volunteer 1 day for the minimum of 6 hours. In return the volunteer will receive:

  • 1 event t-shirt
  • 1 rain jacket
  • A meal will be covered during the shift time that is worked.

Club Members

If you are currently affiliated with a club or would like to help out a community club, there may be additional benefits. Based on your volunteer time, an honourarium may be offered to you to share with your club or clubs. This honourarium is dependent on both hours worked and specific roles. Please note that the value of ‘club donation’ honorariums will be determined after the event is complete and volunteer hours are tabulated.


A special, event specific uniform will be given to each volunteer as stated above. This distinctive clothing is to be worn during volunteer working hours. Each individual is to provide his/her own black, grey, brown or navy pants/shorts. Jeans are not permitted during training or competition days, however may be worn during set-up and tear-down.

Volunteer Orientation Session

An orientation session will be hosted by Canoe Niagara immediately prior to the event for all volunteers. Uniforms and accreditation will be distributed at this function.


Meals will be provided for those volunteers working over a meal period during minimum six (6) hour shift. A continental cold breakfast and a hot lunch meal will be given at the venue. If you are working over a dinner shift, a meal voucher for a local restaurant will be
provided. Snacks and beverages will be available throughout the day in the volunteer
lounge. Meal tickets will be distributed to the volunteers by their respective Coordinator.

Personal Expenses

All purchases/expenses by volunteers must be approved by Canoe Niagara Management prior to the purchase. Only approved expenses with original receipts will be reimbursed. Unfortunately, Canoe Niagara is unable to reimburse the expenses for out of town volunteers. This includes travel and mileage.

Canoe Niagara subscribes to a policy of ‘zero tolerance’ to unethical behavior in any and all aspects of our event. Such behavior shall be defined as forms of verbal abuse, physical abuse, or other inappropriate behavior between any Canoe Niagara volunteer or paid staff and another party (volunteer, Canoe Niagara staff, venue staff, competitors, etc.). All infractions are to be reported to the Volunteer Coordinator will assess the situation and determine the appropriate course of action. Canoe Niagara reserves the right to dismiss any individual deemed to have violated the code of ethical behavior while representing our event and organization. All volunteers are expected to maintain a high standard of personal behavior while wearing their volunteer uniform and accreditation. This includes traveling to and from the venue for an assignment, at the venue, or taking a rest or meal break. While inside the security controlled venue at the WIFC, volunteers are not permitted to ask competitors, coaches or officials for autographs or photographs. Canoe Niagara staff and volunteers are forbidden from engaging in unsolicited conversation in the following areas: Athletes Team area, boat control, in/out dock, on-water, medal presentation area, anti-doping control area, medical area, and Athletes rest area.